Laura Atkinson

Six Packard Revisited

Providence, Rhode Island

As a former photojournalist, Laura has explored the links between art, visual therapy, and the realities of the dream state for many years. Her work, while being a deeply personal exploration of her own dreams, jars the viewer with its beauty of light interplay, form, and design. The organic nature of Laura’s abstract shapes fuse together to create recognizable images. These images are enhanced by her use of natural and eco-friendly tools such as water-soluble paint combinations on silk fabric. Laura’s use of silk is a hidden metaphor for the fluidity of our dreams and frailty of beauty.

“I’ve been semi-obsessed with circular canvas for over eight years now, finding the circular shape unrestrictive and meditative. I’m also very concerned about using or re-purposing objects …My intention for utilizing a metal canvas would be to incorporate color imagery of dreams that I have had over the years concerning cars, autos and transportation. I’d like to participate in this innovative and fun project to help raise awareness of current landfill problems…”Laura Atkinson