Leslie Bruning

Swimming With The Fishes

Omaha, Nebraska

Leslie studied at Graz Center in Austria. He graduated with Bain art from Nebraska Wesleyan University. In 1970, he was awarded a MFA in sculpture from Syracuse University. Leslie is currently Chair of the Art Area of Bellevue University, and a founding member of the Market North Hot Shops Art Center. His studio and Bruning Sculpture, Inc., a casting and fabrication studio to produce architectural detail and other artists’ work, is located in the Hot Shops Art Center. Leslie has participated in over 100 Juried and Invitational Shows. In 1998 and 1999 he participated in the Pier Walk Sculpture Exhibition on Chicago’s Navy Pier. Recently he was on the J. Doe Committee. Leslie has produced the Governor’s Art Award for the State of Nebraska, given slide presentations at the Central Time Zone Sculpture Symposium, Lincoln, NE and the 1990 International Sculpture Conference, Washington, DC, and received a Mentoring Grant from the Nebraska Art Council. He is included in many public and private collections including the Museum of Nebraska Art, Kearney, NE.


“In rural areas it was common to throw waste materials (now called recyclables) into the lakes and streams. It was a waste of resources and caused pollution. They called it ‘throwing it to the fishes.’ The title plays with that idea. The fish in the sculpture is the pallid sturgeon which is an endangered species.”Leslie Bruning