Licia Battarra

Nuova Vita (Dopo Il Naufragio)

Bologna, Italy

Licia has loved drawing and painting since she was a child. At the age of 14 she started taking art seriously, and decided to enroll in art school in Bologna. Since then she has never stopped learning and developing her painting style. Licia had been mostly influenced by Old Masters of the Venetian and Dutch schools, along with Impressionists. The artist who influenced her most was Turner and the magical hand that prevails in all of his paintings. She has been a professional painter and fine arts restorer for more than ten years. Licia is also interested in Illustration, Animation and Graphic Design.

“It think it is a fantastic idea to have hubcaps painted by artists from all over the world. A painted hubcap is a unique object, something that comes back to life in a new shape.”Licia Battarra