Linda Yates

Becoming Again

St. Paul, Minnesota

Linda studied at the University of Minnesota and received a Bachelor’s Degree in Architectural Studies from The Program for Individualized Learning. Linda sees every experience in life as an opportunity to learn. She spent many years in the corporate and retail worlds using and honing her creative skills to design and produce publications, presentations and displays. In 1994, during a visit to Seattle, WA, she learned to do stained glass and saw mosaic with broken dishes for the first time, and she was hooked! Shortly after, Linda began a part-time “craft” business selling stained glass and broken dish mosaic gift items. She and a partner conducted this business as "Making New Beginnings" doing as many as 12 craft shows a year in addition to the full-time jobs they each held. In 2003, Linda took a leap of faith and decided to go full-time in the art business. Since that leap, Linda has set aside stained glass and focused on mosaic alone, continuing to explore her passion for dishes. Linda's work and business continue to evolve and grow.

“In my art I use rescued, reclaimed and recycled materials. I believe I am giving them a new life as a work of art. The Landfillart Project embodies much of what I believe and is what my work is about. It was a natural fit. My project is a phoenix of repurposed materials rising up into a new life.”Linda Yates