Lisa J Levasseur

Wheels of Change

Valmont, British Columbia

Lisa has quickly emerged as an artist in less than two years with no formal art education or background painting. Known for her incredible range of work and raw natural talent with different mediums. Featured in exhibitions in New York and Palm Desert as the creator of an innovative technique using 100% acrylic paint and unique type of abstract work called Palette Art.

“I think there is so much value often lost between the generations that art can play an important role in communication of these things. I am moved by the actions, history and events that shape mankind. My inspiration can come from the simplest of things, like the craftsmanship of a discarded old hubcap. I created Palette Art because I couldn’t bear to throw away the dried up paint on my palettes and found a way to turn it into art instead. I’m honored to participate in a project with such tremendous social value.”Lisa J Levasseur