Lorna Kemp

An Arizona Sunset

Maricopa, Arizona

Lorna was born in Saskatchewan, Canada. Her formal art training includes the University of Alberta, Red Deer College, R & F Encaustics in Seattle, Washington and the Encaustic Art Institute, Cerrillos, New Mexico, as well a bevy of workshops and on going study, practicing, teaching and experimentation. Lorna is recognized as one of Canada's most up and coming encaustic artists and her work is becoming well known internationally. While her subjects are universal, she excels in portraying abstract renderings. She is perhaps best known for her work in and around Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Lorna's technique includes a tradition of strong texture and design with strong use of colour and form, with a uniquely individual personal style. Lorna’s paintings can be found in many provinces in Canada, as well as Norway, France, England and the USA.


“When I saw what you were proposing for recycling hubcaps, I was amazed and fascinated, so I decided to participate and get yet one more hubcap out of the garbage dump. As I am from Arizona I decided to paint an Arizona Sunset, which we have so many, many lovely ones. I added the cactus so people would recognize the state from which it comes.”Lorna Kemp