Madeline Galbraith

Rat Race

Seattle, Washington

Madeline is a painter, mixed media, and fabric artist. She earned a BA in Graphic Design from Iowa State University and BS in Psychology from Seattle University. Over the past 30 years she has participated in six individual and two group art shows. Madeline currently co-chairs on the University of Washington School of Social Work Art Committee that displays artwork in their public gallery from non-profit organizations and individual artist who focus on diversity and social justice issues. She currently lives in Seattle, Washington.

“I work a lot with re-purposing objects through my art. Currently, I’ve been using animal themes and using recycled newspaper to make statements. I like that this is an international project and I will feel connected to thousands of other artists as I create my piece. Discarded hubcaps represent for me our misuse and overuse of cars over the past century, and how that dependency affects the environment and the sociology of our species and others.”Madeline Galbraith