Maggie Neale

New Spin

Montpelier, Vermont

Maggie is originally from the small town of Norwalk, Ohio, and moved to Vermont in the early 1970’s shortly after graduating from Bowling Green State University, with a Bachelor in Fine Arts. For over 30 years she has been studying, teaching, and creating art. With beautiful silks scarves and weavings created on a loom, she has been able to augment her fine art income and raise two children. Her work has been shown around in galleries and craft shows around the country. Her work is based on color, texture, and movement. She focuses on forms that are simplified, bold, and energized. By compensating for poor eyesight, overlooking the details, she adds energy that she hopes will speak and invite the viewer into paintings that are playful and exciting.

“I am intrigued by the opportunity to work on varying surfaces. A round chrome hubcap was an inspiration to take a 'new spin' on something discarded. To enhance and preserve a relic is a challenge and can be so satisfying.”Maggie Neale