Margee Forman

Hubcapalypse Now?

Franklin, Tennessee

Throughout her eclectic career in the visual and performing arts, Margee has been an award-winning jingle writer, featured magazine writer, Backstage- acclaimed theatre composer and lyricist, multi-platinum songwriter, art dealer, sculptor, and painter – to name a few! Her concern for and involvement in environmental issues began way back in Jr. High School and has been a recurring theme in her works – from anti-litter PSA’s to the Landfillart Project. Margee is proud to be a charter member of the Arts Council of Williamson County and a Board Member of the Lakewood Theatre Company.

"What initially began as a lark, quickly spiraled down into a deep, dark, soul-searching journey fraught with artistic, conceptual and structural failures. Fortunately, albeit at the eleventh hour, it all ultimately came together to be exactly what it was always supposed to be. Kind of like life!”Margee Forman