Marla Mclean


Silver Spring, Maryland

Marla completed her Masters in Art from New York University, studying in New York City and Venice, Italy. She now teaches art in public school and is also Adjunct Faculty at The Corcoran College of Art and Design, Washington DC. Marla participates in projects and exhibits her work nationally and internationally.

“…The Landfillart project epitomizes the connectivity between all things in a creative and profound way. The piece is titled Witness. The sparrow is symbolic of our global connections. Sparrows are found on nearly every continent. They make their homes in rural, suburban, and urban areas. They also create and improvise in both song and habitat. They symbolize collaboration because sparrows partner, and build/defend as a community. They clearly are 'witness' to both the creation and devastation of our planet worldwide.”Marla Mclean