Mary Patricia Stumpf

Southeast Missouri Riviera: Mingo Swamp

Raleigh, North Carolina

Mary is an award winning artist. She specializes in batik, stained glass and acrylic paintings. Mary has been in many solo and group exhibitions in the south; as well as, California, Washington D.C. and Belgium. She is a member of the North Carolina Arts Council and Raleigh Arts Commission.

"The concept of 'landfill reclamation' interests me on many levels and thus my participation. When I received me 'Buick Riviera' hubcap (one chosen for me and not selected by me) I could feel the spirit of divine intervention. This hubcap was selected for me by God. It is a grand regal strong quality-built object that has retained its substance after being discarded even when the grand regal quality-built object it adorned is no longer."Mary Patricia Stumpf