Michael E. Hockenbury


Swoyersville, Pennsylvania

Michael was born in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania in April 1977. He is an award-winning artist and graphic designer. He is committed to quality with his works by capturing the illusion of form, depiction of light and shadows. His compositions are both traditional and academically arranged with themes of balance, repetition, and diversity.


“I decided to take on this project because I wanted to create a still life on the hubcap. Instead, I ended up creating a 3-D sculpture of an ant which was not part of my discipline in painting. I found the Plymouth hubcap first because it reminded me of my hometown of Plymouth, Pennsylvania. I thought a still life painting would be the better idea but it did not work due to the curvature of the hubcap. I decided to wait and see if inspiration would strike and a year later it did. One day I noticed a small ant that I used as a prop for one of my paintings and that became my inspiration. I needed more hubcaps to create the body, head and abdomen and luckily, there were a few remaining. In the end I found that constructing something from metal was more rewarding because it was an area I was unfamiliar with.”Michael E. Hockenbury