Mike Helbing

Just Rolling On In Flames

Berwyn, Illinois

Mike Helbing is a sculptor living in the Chicago area that has been making art since he could crawl. Mike grew up in the Midwest with a short eye opener of a couple of years on the East coast in the New York area. Slated to be an engineer he attended Purdue University for three years. After spending a mind enriching and life changing tour of duty with the US Army in Vietnam, Mike returned to the world and spent the better part of the next three years studying art at Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana. Currently he has installed public sculptures in: Hutchinson, Kansas, Indianapolis, Indiana, and Quebec, Canada. He continues to consult with other artists to help them realize their works. Mike has served on granting boards and on advisory groups. He has been very involved with the National Vietnam Veterans Art Museum as a member artist, chairman of the board and as curator.


"I have fun with hubcaps and recycling materials. Using materials that have had other lives allows me to work with the ideas that already present and to modify what is there to come up with art. This art is a representation in a new way. I thought it would be a good thing to join in with the group and see what fun it would be."Mike Helbing