Murray Taylor

Rambler Seascape

Phoenix, Maryland

With a degree in painting, and a minor in philosophy, Murray knew he was going to need to do something to bring in money as he worked on his paintings. He took a job with a company that wanted to create interesting 3D images, and taught himself how to make these images come to life. That led to many jobs making images for magazines, television and computer games. More and more, Murray’s paintings were being informed by what he was learning on the job, particularly the physics of light and color, caustics and sub-surface scatter.

“Perhaps the most consistent things that inspire me are the sky and the ocean. Both of these elements can each look very different from day to day, even moment to moment. Put those two variables together, through in many ways the sun can light them, and the possibilities seem endless. There is something about looking out over water at a distant horizon that allows the mind greater freedom. It is an activity that has always been associated with deep meditative thought, prayer and wonder. I want the sky and the ocean to continue to reveal their natural beauty, not some careless byproduct of our short term thinking.”Murray Taylor