Nicolas Caesar

Super Diablo Wonder Party

Castro Valley, California

Nicolas is an award winning artist. He is the founder of the Scary-Art Collective, co-founder of The Mail Art Consortium and a member of Art, Inc. He and his work have been features on Late Night with Conan O'Brien, KVIE PBS Sacramento, Livewire, The Bay Area's KOFY Tv20 - Creepy KOFY Movie Time, and Cleveland's The Ghoul show. Nicolas' web comic Mosquito and Spider was accepted into the Cartoon Museum in San Francisco. He has supported such charities as CODA, PBS, My Sisters House, The Bay Area Peddlers, The American Heart Association, ASPCA, The United Way and more. Nicolas is the curator for Bank of the West in Castro Valley. His work is in private collections in France, The Netherlands, Kenya, Japan, The United Kingdom, South Africa, Canada, Australia, and throughout the US.

“I believe nothing is trash. If you’re smart enough and creative enough you can make something out of anything. We have an abundance around us rotting away when we can use it all to make something beautiful.” Nicolas Caesar