Nikki Cooper

A Rebirth Of Sol

Argyle, Wisconsin

As a self trained cartoonist Nikki was fortunate to be able to publish her comic strip at an early age to hone her craft. She has since taken her doodled characters to a new level as 3-dimensional beings which she calls Nik-er-Doodles. Nik-er-Doodles are recycled sculptures based on oodles of doodles created by Nikki.

“This project was the perfect fit for my recycled sculpture. As a 4-H leader for the past 10 years I have promoted recycling to the youth in our country. As an artist my own comical sculptures are created with refuse from our recycling bin, and the fabric scraps of a quilter. I personally find the idea of creating a piece of art from something considered trash an exciting challenge of the imagination, which helps me do my small part to make our world a more beautiful place.”Nikki Cooper