Noelle Maki Rollins

Stevie Wonder-Ful

Coon Rapids, Minnesota

Noelle grew up in Forest Land Minnesota; receiving a degree in visual communications form Brown Institute and a certificate of completion for Art Instruction Schools for illustration. Her artwork has been exhibited in the twin cities venues through the last few years; as well as, New York City and Dallas, Texas. Noelle's main goal as an artist is to capture the beauty of life around us.

"I'm incredibly honored to participate in the Landfillart Project. I love painting on recycled materials and bringing new life to previously discarded items. I paint musically themed art and using the hubcap for my canvas makes me think of Detroit; the automobile hub of the US. The other thing Detroit in known for? Good old get you out of your seat Motown. How Could I resist. I love the symbolism of painting an artist that is no longer in the top spaces on the charts but still has importance to us. Just as something as simple as an old hubcap was once new and shiny but now sits in the shadows. My goal is to let the viewer simultaneously see the beauty in both."Noelle Maki Rollins