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Noel Molloy

King Queen Fool

Roscommon, Ireland

Noel, born in Clonmel, County. Tipperary, studied fine art in Limerick College of Art and Design in Limerick, with a degree in fine art. He works in sculpture/mixed media and performance art. Noel has exhibited and created performance extensively throughout Ireland, Western and Eastern Europe and the United States. His awards include Arts Council of Ireland awards 1991-20065; Cultural Relations Committee Department of Foreign Affairs Travel award 1993, 2003. He's received numerous exhibition awards and his works are in private and public collections internationally.


"I love a challenge whether it is a commission for something specific or a project such as landfillart. I usually mix a variety of found objects when creating my work but the challenge of working with a specific object excites me. There are not enough projects like landfillart which promote the use of recycling materials and Ken is to be commended in putting together a simple but exciting project."Noel Molloy