Pat Mitchell

Landfill Princess

Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin

Pat currently resides outside of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She received her BFA in 1984 from the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee. Her post college years were spent raising her family and attending to the necessities of everyday life. Pat kept a hand in the art world while working as the studio manager of an advertising photography studio, and at a Milwaukee art gallery as a controller. For the last eleven years her passion has been mixed media mosaics. Most are made with some type of recycled material or surface including recycled pottery, scrap glass, recycled house windows, old telephones, bowling balls, and broken tempered glass. The Midwestern mantra of “waste not, want not’ is firmly embedded in Pat’s art and life.

"Generally, the surface tells me what it wants to be in its next life. I’ve always wanted to mosaic a hubcap, but have not come upon one in recent memory. I have used recycled or reclaimed mixed media in ‘Landfill Princess’ to illustrate how beauty can be found in the most mundane and ordinary objects when combined into new forms and structures."Pat Mitchell