Patrick Schmidt

Manlala Of My Past, My Present, And My Future

Washington, Pennsylvania

Patrick is an Associate Professor of Art at Washington and Jefferson College. His exhibition record includes solo and group show in Kansas City, St. Paul, Tallahassee, Pittsburgh, Santa Monica, the District of Columbia and New York City. Patrick’s painting have been featured three times in the juried periodical New American Paintings, most recently in the April 2005 Issue. He was juried into New Art International for the 2003-04 edition published by Book Art Press.

"Initially, what interested me in this project was/is the social, environmental issues it raises. I received my hubcap in mid-to-late summer 2009. Then on September 2, 2009 my wife suddenly passed away. Painting of any kind didn’t seem important for many months and it wasn’t until I received an email in March-April from the Landfillart people that I even thought about it. My hubcap is a modern mandala with no beginning or end. Mandala’s are vehicles for meditation. The past is the understructure of the piece, or the modernist colored shapes. The present is the use of technologies to produce the over laying image. In each shape a drawing is produced based on my interest in pattern and Aboriginal art. The future is the act of doing or completing the project, of getting into the studio. So thank you."Patrick Schmidt