Peggy Mintun

Metal Petals

Columbus, Ohio

Peggy is a visual artist/designer. Her art is a communication to you about her life, but it is open to your interpretation. Most of her art is abstract, emotional canvases, where she lets nonrepresentational shape and intense color tell a story to evoke emotions. Her work is provocative: you may see it, or may not, buy you have to really look at it. It is like something is almost there, almost on the tip of your tongue or the brink of your thoughts, and then sometimes you just know. It is chaos. She uses a chaotic process to create these little narratives about emotions. As well as being a part of AbX, she is a member of Creative Arts of Women, the Energy Art Movement, and founder of 4bsu4ct4n. She also enjoys interviewing notable people/artist for Omnibucket and Sublime Rush.

“This project had an interesting appeal to me because I have created several works with what could be considered as trash. Mostly electronic parts like circuit boards, discarded computer parts, and CD-ROMs. I thought that painting a hubcap would be an interesting challenge. I chose to use enamel paints along with liquid acrylic paints with a glass bead medium as a textured base. The textured base was a necessity because I needed to cover up the logo stamped on the center…let’s just say, it was not my preferred brand. It is an honor to participate along with so many artist world-wide in such a prolific project.”Peggy Mintun