Renate Surh


Albuquerque, New Mexico

Renate blends traditional and contemporary methods to create her hand-fabricated jewelry. The physicality of creating combined with the unique qualities of her source materials are her inspiration. Renate’s design and composition are influenced by her passion for travel, art, and culture. Her academic background in fine art, philosophy, and science have led her to live and work in Indonesia, Taiwan, China and throughout the United States including: California, Wyoming, Illinois, Texas, Arkansas and New Mexico. Renate marries raw metals to unusual minerals and unique materials to ensure each piece she crafts is one of a kind.

“Being a part of a lager project that brings together artist all over the world in a common premise and starting with an identical source material is really innovative, and exciting. I love the thought process and engineering involved in the journey of the hubcap and the raw materials that were used to make it. And how those same raw materials, primarily carbon, iron and silicates – travelled to earth on an asteroid and are the materials that I use every day in my metal smithing practice.”Renate Surh