Robin Maria Pedrero

Scene From The Road

Longwood, Florida

Robin Maria Pedrero is a Contemporary American artist. Her early exhibitions began at The Mystic Art Association. Acknowledged for her luminous and captivating work Pedrero has since become an established award winning artist; published in magazines, newspapers, documentaries, and news broadcasts. The PSA after Pedrero’s signature is a privilege of elected signature members of the Pastel Society of America.

“I wanted to be a part of this project because I believe it is worthy in many respects. I like that is is up cycling and allows professional, emerging, and amateur artists to participate. I am excited to see the works submitted. I am honored to be among them. The project is impressive and makes several statements through the works submitted and as a whole. I made a video or my part of the project, showing the work in progress and posted it on YOU TUBE. I enjoy the unity of working within a project and the individual original creativity. I am please to be a part of the Landfill Art Project.”Robin Maria Pedrero