Sarah Churchill

Venus Du Chevrolet

West Haven, Conneticut

Sarah Churchill is a Connecticut-based narrative and figurative oil painter. A graduate of Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Churchill has been painting professionally since 2002. Her most recent body of work, entitled “Surrender the West” has been seen throughout the New Haven area and along the west coast at the Heritage Museum in Oregon and at the Grand National Rodeo in San Francisco. Churchill is also passionate about Art History and holds a Masters Degree from Trinity College Dublin. Churchill, also a designer and freelance illustrator, has completed works for the Children’s Theatre of Charlotte, Balanced Body Wellness Center of Naugatuck, Planet Fitness, SportsCenter of Connecticut and many others. Her paintings have been influenced to a high degree by her design and illustrative work. She currently resides in West Haven.

"As an artist, reclamation is an important theme in my work. There is implied in that message a sense of restitution, or a 'righting of wrongs', that I, as a human being, am inexplicably drawn to. The idea that a work of art can address or even redress our past transgressions, against nature, against humanity, is exciting in that it often creates charged artworks. Such works can shock us into dialogue and, hopefully, into action. It is a powerful tradition to be a part of. The Landfillart Project is particularly exciting to me not only in its immediate 'reduce, reuse, recycle' message, but also in each metal canvas’ potential for affecting change with its own unique message. Personally, I found the timing of the project to be particularly poignant, given the difficult financial situation of the American auto industry. The potential demise of GM, Chrysler and Ford and its devastating effect on the American economy was something I thought a lot about and I tried to reflect that sense of limbo in my own work. "Sarah Churchill