Sean Crawford

Lost Stars

Carterton, New Zealand

Sean lives on a two acre block of the edge of Carterton with wife Sharlene and daughter Trinity. He created sculptural works under inspirational views of the Tararuas. Sean's creative development took him from the plumbing trade in the suburban New Zealand landscape to experiencing wide European vistas during his OE- this awakened his desire and flair for art and design. Returning home to New Zealand, Sean put aside his trade and at the age of 30 made the decision to pursue years of study, gaining a Bachelor of Design with Honours in 2003. Sean has participated in numerous group and solo exhibitions, with commissioned works held by New Zealand and Overseas collectors.

"In the mid 1920s was the last recorded sighting of the Huia Bird, now presumed extinct. Valued by the Maori as a scared treasure, and taken by the Europeans as fashion decoration. This work is inspired by a Hone Tuwhare poem – 'fall plumage sounding the wall of lost stars'."Sean Crawford