Sharon Peters

Before Lunch

Alameda, California

Sharon has an art degree from the UC Irvine, and works with various media- flat and fused glass, printmaking, acrylic painting, jewelry, drawing and cartooning. She teaches nationally and internationally and her pieces have been exhibited in the United States,Europe, Scandinavia, and Japan. Sharon’s work had been published in books and magazines.


“For years I have been collecting and stockpiling bits and pieces of discarded funky rubble from SCRAP in San Francisco, Urban Ore in Berkeley and garage sales and flea markets everywhere. I intended to make it all into Great Assemblage Art, but I’m primarily a glass artist and never quite got around to experimenting with other art forms using the cool found stuff . Ken’s recycled hubcap theme spoke to me and gave me an interesting new direction: incorporating my flame worked glass into multi-media art projects. A lot of my designs evolve in progress and the stockpile of recycled components will be a great inspiration and Funky Factor resource, and add a bit of cultural history to each piece I make. Thanks for the kick start, Ken!”Sharon Peters