Shefali Ajmera

Shedding Of Bad Karmas By Navkar Mantra

Baldwin, New York

Shefali Ajmera was born in New Delhi, India and brought up at Dewas - Indore (Madhya Pradesh). After receiving her MBA in 1997, she moved to the US with her husband. Shefali’s work is at private collections in India, New Jersey, New York, Virginia and Texas. She has held various shows all across Long Island and Manhattan. One of her work, Samavsharan Vidhan Mandal (Oil on fabric), is soon going to be put up at Kund Kund Bharti, New Delhi and has received its blessings from Acharya Vidhyanandji (A renowned saint of India).

“My art philosophy is to be able to help various charitable and not for profit organizations raise funds using my artworks. Being a Jain, I strongly believe in ‘Live and Let Live.’ Since plants have life in them- ‘Reforestation’ is a very noble act for me. It will help bring ecological balance on earth and will help survive various species of animals as well. I have tried to show the importance of the very powerful and eternal mantra which is a Ndamokar Mantra. In short, this painting is showing that all living beings have the capacity to become perfect soul (Siddha) - ‘the God.’ All living beings go through the 4 cycles (Gatis) of life (Infernal, Human, Hellish and Celestial –being). Only by becoming ‘man’ they can attain ‘Salvation-the Moksha."Shefali Ajmera