Sheree Rensel

Nature Will Win

St. Petersburg, Florida

Sheree is an artist working in Saint Petersburg, Florida. Holding a BFA and MFA in painting from Wayne State University, and credits completed toward a Ph. D. in Educational Technology at Walden University, she strives to juggle the demands of being a working artist. Originally from Detroit, she relocated to Florida in 1991. She maintains a studio in St. Petersburg, her new hometown, and explores new ground as an artist using a variety of media including painting, collage, sculpture, digital and various mixed media techniques.

“Nature is more powerful than any of us. I struggle to understand why some human beings don’t understand or accept this fact. I am interested in participating because the Project helps to remind people of our place in the world. We evolved as creatures on this earth. Our progression started with ‘nature’. We went on to create great societies through industry. Now, technology is the ruler of the globe. However, if we as inhabitants of this earth don’t take care of this home, none of our efforts to progress will matter. Nature will always win.”Sheree Rensel