Steve Einhorn

Pontiac 51

Olympia, Washington

Steve is an illustrator, sculptor, and musician. For the past 25 years Steve owed Artichoke Music, an instrument shop, school, and performance venue in Portland, OR. Several years ago, the prop master from the McCarter Theatre in Princeton, NJ, commissioned Steve to build a 'playable' cigar box violin for an upcoming production of 'Midsummer Night's Dream.' He has been building playable musical sculptures ever since.

I first heard about [Landfillart] Project from Jo Gallaugher, owner of Matter Gallery, here in Olympia, WA. Landfillart is a great idea......such a crime that so much usable material is being dumped in landfills, when it could be used to create beautiful sounds. Thanks for giving me the coolest hubcap ever made.Steve Einhorn