Toni Young

Mother Earth Is Watching You

Pinellas Park, Florida

Toni is an experimental mixed media artist. Her work is intuitive, charged with rhythm and movement that adds freshness and excitement to each piece. Color contributes strongly to the mood of each piece, and she intends for each work to have a visual richness and character that takes it beyond design.

“As a green artist, I felt a true connection with wanting to look into the future and tell a story… and do it using 100% recycled items. If things don’t change, will the eggs be different? Will the only birds that children of the future see be in pictures? The project also turned into a family affair. Two of my friends agreed to have their faces melted together for Mother Earth. My son-in-law melted them together. My granddaughter, Ally, did a drawing of a bird which is on the card hanging from the nest. My daughter kept them on task, and my sweet hubby drilled holes. Found wire and kept ME on task. Thanks, everyone!!”Toni Young