Yasmine Rafii

Stop, Wait, Go

Seattle, Washington

Yasmine was born in 1952 Tehran, Iran and received her BFA in painting at the California College of Art, and a MA in psychology from Antioch University in San Francisco. She founded Y Art Works, a graphic design and illustration practice in 1992 after a number of years in corporate life. Yasmine is presently providing visual design of marketing communication to corporate and nonprofit clients around the country.

"Stop, Wait, Go is about our confused relationship to conservation responsible stewardship of our domain and the myth of our invincibility. On the one hand we greedily consume whatever we can get in our hands on the other we fear nature's retribution for our two year olds narcissism. We console ourselves with nostalgia for a more innocent past as we hurtle toward an unknown future. The dominant themes in this piece are integration and balance: cobbling together a patchwork of impulses; cutting out the best bits of the past to reassemble for the future; a heavy reliance on symbolism and metaphor coupled with a love of the ornate. Working with layers of flat spaces composed of remnants of painted and printed papers I am free to rearrange my experiences to pick and choose from an overwhelming array of possibilities. This multiplicity spurs a deeper awareness of the many choices available to us as humans."Yasmine Rafii