Ya Ya Chou

Luminous Dodge

Glendale, California

Born and raised in Taiwan, YaYa Chou moved to Los Angeles in 1997 to study Experimental Animation. Being inspired by scene and set design for clay animation, the award-winning filmmaker turned her interests to sculpture and installation. Without formal training in the visual art, Chou remains a self-taught mixed-media artist. Chou has shown her works in galleries and museums in the US; as well as, numerous international film festivals, most notably in Museum of Modern Art, NY and Contemporary Art Center of Virginia, VA. She received four film awards on her animated films and Artists' Resource for Completion Grant from Durfee Foundation, Santa Monica, in 2007. She is currently showing in southern California and around the US. Her works were reviewed in art magazines and newspapers around the world, including Fiberarts magazine in November/December 2006.


“Landfillart gives me an opportunity to be part of what I believe to be the creative movement of the future, where artist join together and collaborate as a group. Every day I am concerned of my environment impact as a practicing artist. Most of the time concepts were born before the consideration of materials. I then have to justify for the sake of art. I chose to be involved in this project because it is a challenge for me to think from another direction; also it allows me a chance to contribute to a cleaner environment as an artist.”Ya Ya Chou