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Adrenus Craton

Industrial Rose Valley

Sofia, Bulgaria

Adrenus Craton is an international artist and designer now living in Sofia, Bulgaria. Adrenus held her first solo art exhibition, “Platonic Art”, at the young age of 14 in her home state of Texas. After moving to New York at 19, her collection of “Faces” were exhibited in New York’s famous SoHo art district. Since then her work has been exhibited and sold in both the US and across Europe. Work on her latest exhibition, “Battle For the Soul” commenced while she was living in Poland and it is shortly due to go on exhibition in Bulgaria.


“From the start, my reasons behind becoming involved with the Landfillart Project were clear. This project has meaning, and carries with it a mission. There is an insurmountable joy becoming part of something alongside a greater purpose – especially when it is an unselfish one. When someone takes the initiative to create and build something so worthwhile, it will always be such an honour to participate.”Adrenus Craton