Alice Harrison

Promise of Pollution

Morristown, New Jersey

Alice’s work has been exhibited widely throughout the US and also has been shown in Europe, Mexico, South Africa, Israel and New Zealand and has been recognized with numerous awards. She is listed in the Who’s Who in American Art, and she co-authored and published the Artists’ Guidebook to a New Creative Life and is represented in Masters: Collage, Major Works by Leading Artists. Alice is the featured artist in Cloth, Paper Scissors March/April 2012.

“Believing in the premise of Landfillart and enjoying a challenge of working with different materials, I chose to be involved in the project. Receiving this particular hubcap was disturbing to me- a Chevrolet Corvair was the car I drove when my youngest daughter was a baby – at the time Ralph Nader published his book and vilified the Corvair as a dangerous vehicle. I recall driving in the winter with the heat on and the windows open to dispel the gasses deemed poisonous. So perhaps creating this was a bit of catharsis.”Alice Harrison