Andria Zweigart

Pinwheel: Wind Power

Evansville, Illinois

Andria attended Southern Illinois University and received a Bachelor of Fine Art in Metalsmithing and Painting in 2002. Since graduation, she's shown her work throughout Illinois and Missouri. Andria is an avid arts advocate. She's provided volunteer arts instruction for children with numerous nonprofits and done volunteer work for museums and galleries. Andria worked on Reflecting on a River" a 240 x 7 foot public art ceramic tile mural recruiting artists implementing community outreach and installing the mural.

"I'm a huge advocate for recycling. In addition to paper and aluminum cans I recycle plastic, glass and tin cans. In my professional work I incorporate found materials into a new artwork. Used materials are the focus of the community projects I organize such as an upcoming pinwheel project for Earth Day. The Landfillart project speaks to me on so many levels and is a great way to create public awareness through its worldwide collaboration."Andria Zweigart