Ann Stretton

Hubcap Nebula

Madison, Wisconsin

Ann received a BFA with concentration in painting from Colorado State in 1984, and received her MFA in 1993 fro the University of Wisconsin. She has exhibited extensively in Colorado and Wisconsin. Her work is abstract using mixed metallic media. She also creates digital art and jewelry.

“As a former art student, one of the 'hazing' rituals that professors and visiting artists like to perform on students is to see how much mental abuse they can take before they crack. One of the common themes that must be out of the 'Hazing for Artists' guidebook is to compare their art to a car. A common phrase is…'This isn’t art…this looks like the slicky stuff on the side of a car' to see how said student would respond. Both my husband and I endured similar comparisons to our art. When I was contacted to be part of an art project putting art on a car part (hubcap), I couldn’t resist.”Ann Stretton