Babette W. Powell

Tribute To Ancient Conservationists

Glencoe, Illinois

Babette is a lifelong resident of the North Shore of Chicago, Illinois. She finished the first quarter of her junior year in college and married sixty years ago. Babette and her husband enjoy theater, classical music, dance, art and travel. They have two grown children and two fairly grown grandchildren. In 1973, Babette began studying silver and goldsmithing. Her metalwork is fabricated and she does all the work herself, using semi-precious stones and beads in her one of a kind jewelry pieces. She also does off-loom bead weaving. Babette has shown her work at arts fairs, in her home studio and at Gallery 659 in Glencoe, Illinois.

“The challenge of decorating a hubcap for a totally different use mixed with the conservational concept appealed to my senses of creativity, conviction and imagination.”Babette W. Powell