Carol Surface

Where Will You Go Today?

Beverly Hills, California

Carol holds a BA in communication from the University of Central Florida, summa cum laude. Since 1999, she has been listed in several Who’s Who directories. Carol’s paintings and multi-layered wall sculptures unite acrylics, photography and original verse as they tell stories about the many layers of the human experience. Her work is in numerous private and public collections and has been widely exhibited in museums and galleries. Since 1991, Carol has taught art at various venues. Her art and writings about the nature of making art have been published in numerous newspapers and magazines.

"For many years I’ve walked the streets of LA and marveled at how the patters in the urban environment mirror the human condition. I see the tearing down and regeneration of urban layers as a portrait of the life cycle, and each of my works is born of that theme. If we don’t keep moving, following our personal compass as we continually rebuild our environment and ourselves we will wither and die. What better way to apply the theme of Ken’s project than to resurrect something that was beaten down, tossed out as if it were used up and give it the respect and new life it’s entitled to?"Carol Surface