Cetin Ates

Behind The Sun

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Cetin is an internationally showing sculptor, who graduated from Cukurova University, in Adana, Turkey focusing on metal sculpture with welding techniques. After graduating she became a high school art teacher. Cetin received a master’s degree from Mustafa Kemal University in Turkey. In 2005, she moved to the US. Currently Cetin is teaching sculpture to the kids in Arts Council of Greater Baton Rouge Arts Blasts Program and Episcopal School Tapestry Program.


“I chose to be involved in this project because it sounded very interesting. I would like to participate [in] any kind of environmental protection projects. The hubcap is a nice material for my sculptures. When I saw the material, my brain started to work on design of my sculpture. Also it’s an international event and I would like to represent my county as a Turkish sculpture.”Cetin Ates