Cindy Todd

Watching You, Watching Me

San Luis Obispo, California

Cindy is an abstract painter, working out of San Luis Obispo, California. She primarily works with acrylic on stretched canvas but does integrate oil, sand and other mediums into work. Cindy focuses on exploring human emotions and life experiences in her painting s. She enjoys the challenge of capturing the complexity of these elements and portraying them in her work with dark colors, harsh brush strokes and dense texture.

“I am a professional abstract painter and am very interested in participating in the landfillart project due to my deep concern about the future of our planet on an environmental level. I strongly support recycling when at all possible. I think that this project is a creative way of pointing out our landfill problems and other environmental issues. People tend to 'tune-out' when confronted with difficulty issues but by using art it provides the opportunity of opening up other people’s minds in a fascinating creative way.”Cindy Todd