Colette Crutcher

Saturn (Mercury)

San Francisco, California

Colette’s career began with painting and printmaking, but now her work covers a broad spectrum, from very large to very small, from public to intensely personal, from abstract to figurative, and across a range of media: painting and drawing, collage, assemblage, paper mache, concrete, ceramic and mosaics. She draws inspiration from the great artistic traditions of many cultures, and from isolated, quirky individuals mining their own psyches for material.

“I have worked in collage, assemblage, sculpture and mosaic using recycled materials for over 20 years. My artist residency at the San Francisco dump (now called Recology Inc.) in 1995 solidified my commitment to this eclectic way of working, which reflects environmental awareness, innate thrift, and a love of engaging with chance and the unexpected. Landfillart was a natural for me, and I am proud to have been included.”Colette Crutcher