Cris Matos

1.Space Ship 9. 2. Shield From the Elements

San Rafael, California

Cris Matos is a renaissance artist, a 30 year veteran Latin artist and a visual artist. Cris is a Salgero, singer, song writer and lead singer and songwriter for Manicato, a Puerto Rican Latin funk, rock and reggae band. A visual artist since 1976, fine art photography, painting and mixed media found objects.

“I have been a passionate treasure hunter my whole life, inspired by found objects that others may consider garbage. The imagination and beyond the box thinking attracts me to this style of medium. I am a painter, singer, songwriter, but my first love it created art with other people’s trash. Protecting the environment from more garbage has always been a goal and if I can turn something around so these same people might buy their garbage back and put it on their wall, so much the better.”Cris Matos