Derrick Johnson

Hubba, Hubba, Hubba

Derrick is a self-taught, eclectic artist from Baltimore, Maryland, now living in Gulfport, Florida. His studio, STANKIN STUDIO is a collection of abstract handcrafted sculptures, home accents, wearable art, and Funkiture. Derrick’s work has been carried by the Leepa-Ratner Museum of Art , Divine Excess gallery, Tropical Gale, Sally’s and Fashion Scrub Depot . He has participated in area seasonal markets in Florida.

“This is a Fish called HUBBA, HUBBA, HUBBA from the Kool Skool of Gulfport, Florida. She has Electrified Lips and Diamonds in her eyes, powered by Four Funktified Fins. Thanks for the ride, what’s next? I’m up for the down stroke.”Derrick Johnson