Donna Steel


Chistchurch, New Zealand

Donna is a Contemporary artist based in Christchurch, with a fascination for creating things. She is a painter and sculptor and has managed to combine these two passions with her oil and mixed media artworks. Donna enjoys incorporating many different types of texture and resin in her artwork.
She is inspired by everyday moments in life, like a weekend away, a memory, or driving down the road and seeing or hearing something. Donna has a passion for the outdoors - nature in all its beauty, be it mountains, rivers, flowers, trees or butterflies.Donna is also a photographer and uses the images she takes as inspiration to create her artwork. Each Artwork is totally original and unique. Her work is sold internationally, exhibited in select NZ Galleries and also has been used in an advertising catalogue 2007, “ The One Million Masterpiece Calender 2007″ and more recently an Artwork Selected to be Exhibited in General Exhibition at NZAG Art Awards 2008.

“What a delight it was to do this artwork! It really got me thinking of what I would paint on a hubcap, but as I love my beautiful country and the outdoors I decided to go with one of our beautiful Icons Mt Cook – Aoraki ! I look forward to seeing all the other finished pieces of art!”Donna Steel