Earl W. Lehman

There Is More Reality In An Image Than In A Word

Jessup, Pennsylvania

Earl went to college late, having been sidetracked early by parents who said art school was out of the question, mainly, he thinks now, because of naked models. He left home in 1964, joined the army to see the world, but went to Southeast Asia. Afterward, Earl got his fine arts degree in painting and drawing in 1978, on the GI Bill, graduating Magna Cum Laude, He has been working full time as an artist since then.

“I’ve spent the last 35 years seriously thinking about making and collecting images so when Ken asked me to consider painting one of his hubcaps I took one back to my studio and spent several months looking at it. My initial ideas were pointedly environmental and tribal but in the end the one you see here seemed the perfect choice; thought provoking provocative oblique; not quite positive or negative but a charged portent all the same a look in the mirror.”Earl W. Lehman