Erick C. Johnson

Nice Grill…What’s Under The Hood?

Fort Collins, Colorado

Erick received a BFA in sculpture from Colorado State University and a MFA in sculpture from University of Illinois. He is a member of the Lowry Foundation Arts Committee in Denver. Erick has taught sculpture at Colorado State University and Rocky Mountain School of Art and Design. His work has been published in Architecture Magazine, Artspace, and International Sculpture Magazine. Erick is an award winning artist who received Best of Show at the National Cape Coral Annual Art Exhibition and the Energy Art Award at the Foothills Art Center in Golden, Colorado.


“I am very excited to be included in the Landfillart Project. My energy and approach in making artwork has been to reclaiming items that possess unique forms textures, and history. I pride myself that I, can reincarnate these forms to generate new interest and perspective. My hope is always to invite thought, whimsy and admiration in the purity of sculpture design.”Erick C. Johnson