France White

Protecting Spirits

Pasadena, California

France is a painter from Oregon who now lives in Los Angeles. She has been an artist all her life and a Roman Catholic nun for over 50 years. France grew up in the presence of snow capped mountains and waterfalls. Her hikes on the weekend were an ordinary part of life as was respect for nature and actions to preserve it for others. Because of France’s love of our Mother Earth she is a member of the Eco Art Collective of the Women’s Caucus of Art and she uses found objects in her art making.

"1. I resonate with the reclaiming discarded objects and creating art of them. 2. One month before learning of the Project I feel asleep while driving and sideswiped a semi, encountering it at the wheel of the trailer. I awoke to the explosion of my mirror as the trailer grazed it; the side of the trailer was inches from my window and I steered away (or was steered) to safety. The paint above my front wheel was barley scraped and there is a small dent; the hubcap is gouged. Here was an opportunity to make of a hubcap an image of protection, not just of myself but also our Mother Earth. It was an invitation to create a sense of protective presence- the s(S)pirit(s) who deeply care for our wellbeing and the health of our planet, the angels and ancestors who inspire good action."France White