Helen Grebski

Breaking Through…

Pringle, Pennsylvania

Helen, a third generation American of Polish background, was introduced to Wycinanki, Polish papercutting, in 1976 by Mrs. Sophie Yurkowski (Yurko), Nanticoke, Pennsylvania. The following year she was part of a month long study abroad program at Mikolaj Kopernik (Nicholas Copernicus) University in Torun, Poland. During this program she had the opportunity to meet folk artists from throughout the country and attend folk art workshops. Since 1977, she has been exhibited and taught papercutting throughout North East Pennsylvania.

“Participation in the Landfillart Project has allowed me to integrate my interest in folkart with my concern about our environment. The Landfillart Project has allowed me to take a defining issue of my generation…the generation which was laughed at when they established Earth Day…and to be part of an innovative approach at looking at sustainability and repurposing which will be the issues facing my daughter and future generations.”Helen Grebski