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Irit Levy

Le Vélo Rose (The Pink Bicycle)

Labande, Monaco

Irit was trained mainly as a painter and acrylics is her preferred medium. During her many years as an artist she put her hands on basically every type of art – etchings, wood block and lino cuts, silk screen prints, ceramic and pottery, comics… In April 2007, Irit started doing mosaic art and that is mostly what she has done ever since. All her art is personal and is ALWAYS based on her life experience. For that reason she does not take commissions. She exhibited in Singapore, the United States, Britain, France and Italy.


"When I was approached by Ken to participate in this project, not only did I feel honored to be a part of this project, but I also felt it was my duty to show the world that waste is usable. I do believe that artists have a mission, whether they are performing artist or visual artist, to take the state they are given to try and make the world a better place."Irit Levy