Jack Puhl


Born in Scranton, Pennsylvania, Jack is best known throughout the country for his watercolor works on paper. As an emerging artist in the Chicago Art scene, Jack's art grew to popularity through his original art - greeting cards. His work is available exclusively in specialty locations such as quaint boutiques, luxury hotels and select galleries throughout the country. Jack's art is simple in theme with a soft interpretation that welcomes you inside. You may feel the chill of winter, hear the soft rustle of leaves, or anticipate a distant rumble of thunder; he allows you to participate in the scene. Jack's art has gained national attention particularly through his unique and quiet scenes of city life. He finds inspiration from his many travels but especially from the places he has called home: The Pocono Mountains and Lancaster County Pennsylvania; Washington DC; New York City and Chicago. From this inspiration, Jack highlights the simplicity of country life in concert with urban living. Jack holds a BA in Integrative Arts from Penn State University.


"Complete opposite project from what I currently create as a watercolor fine artist. Great Challenge!"Jack Puhl